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The Witch Series



The Witch Series

Witch: A New Beginning

Witch: The Spell Within

Witch: The Secret of the Leaves

Witch: The Final Chapter

The Little Witch Series

Into the Forest

Thea The Little Witch-The Search for San

The Search for Santa

The Power of Believing

Thea Goes to School

The Meaning of Sharing

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The Search for Coco

The Warlock Series

Descension into Darkness


Three Days in Hell

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The Darkness of Pain

In the Press

In The Press

In the Press

Experience with bullying fuels Fall River author’s creative spark.

 When bullies told L.S. Gagnon she wasn’t good enough to write a book, she proved them wrong. Not once or twice, but through eight books and counting: The Witch Series; Thea: The Little Witch series and a warlock series due out in November. Click here to read full article.



 Mark Leitao: How old where you the first time you were bullied? By whom, and what kind of bullying did you endure?


L.S. Gagnon: I was actually in my early 40’s when the bullying began. Bullies come in all ages and sizes. The moment I decided to better myself and write a book, the bullies came out of nowhere. I was called stupid, and too dumb to write a book. My life became a living hell as I tried to understand why my dream would affect them like that. I even feared losing my job at one point. I went through so much pain during that time. Click here to read full article.




  Originally from California, L.S. Gagnon moved to Massachusetts to marry the love of her life. With little education, L.S. Gagnon worked in the fields most of her young adult life. Giving her mother a better life always gave her the drive to keep fighting to better herself. She escaped into her dreams from childhood, unknowingly giving her a peek at what she would be creating one day. When she lost her mother, her death sent L.S. into darkness. It was the most heartbreaking thing she’s ever had to live through. “I’ve never felt pain like that before,” she said. “I felt my heart would fall apart.”


  She credits her husband, and a visit to Salem for bringing her back to life. He gave her the idea for writing, “We were in a book store one day,” she began, “And I couldn’t find a book I liked. My husband turned to me and said, “so why don’t you write your own book?’ and those words changed my life forever.” On a visit to Salem, she says the town set her heart racing. “Salem was

filled with magic,” she said, “Something in my heart woke up. It was then I realized I wasn’t honoring my mother by being the person she always wanted me to be. The idea for the books came to me that same day. I know in my heart, it was her talking to me.”

  L.S. Gagnon lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four dogs who she calls ‘her children.’ She earns a living as an executive chef and pastry chef, but hopes to one day write full-time. “There’s so many stories in my head,” she says, “I just don’t have time to write them all down.”



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